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For us Texans that single word conjures up delight and anticipation. Of spring green days, of a soft breeze coming in from the east, of a ribbon of ranch road black top lined as far as your eye can see with glorious blue flowers. If you can manage it, bluebonnet season is the time to take a day off and drive! Glorying in the beauty of wildflowers in bloom, huge swaths of them coloring pastures and hillsides, to the point where you may just have to pull over and stop, to take it all in.

Our bluebonnets seem to have come up early this year, probably due to a fairly mild winter and good rains when they needed them most. And that is where the fun of anticipation comes into play. Since the bluebonnets are blooming like crazy, so will the other wildflowers that follow next. Indian Paintbrush, Texas Poppies, Texas Daisy, Mexican Hat … March, April and May are the months to take to the road in the Texas Hill Country!