Hoffman Haus Fall Update

I’ve waited until now to post this update because, quite frankly, September just didn’t feel like Fall. It was hot, dry, sultry and recalcitrant, a month that was supposed to usher in Fall masquerading as Summer. There are all the markings of a season’s change. The light is luminous and has that marvelous slant as the sun is at a different pitch. The leaves of our pecan trees are starting to turn a patchwork of vibrant green, yellow and brown. On each leaf! As though Nature is painting them with a decidedly modern brush technique.

Usually, the perfect beginning of this time of year is created by the alchemy of two of our most fun events, the annual Gillespie County Fair and Parade and the Doss Volunteer Fire Department Fish Fry. Both were entertaining, but the weather was decidedly not cooperating and we were all feeling a tad warm. Which made most of us around here kind of grumbly. An elongated Summer with Fall taking it’s time can try the good humor of any Texan.

Last Monday though a cool, not cold, front came through and, along with a much appreciated five inches of rain, it brought our now glorious Fall days and nights. Just in time for the kickoff of all our October festivals. The most famous of them, Oktoberfest, was duly celebrated with beer, brats, dancing and merriment. And that’s just the beginning. This weekend is followed by a flurry of Fall festivals.

As we always say, Fredericksburg loves a party! And this is definitely the season for them! There truly is a little bit of something for everyone. So pack your bags and high tail it to the Hill Country!